Apologetics Institute

The Apologetics Institute is designed to help today’s Christians better understand, defend
and proclaim their beliefs in an age of increasing moral and spiritual relativism.

We will be learning from today’s leading apologist to reflect and provide deeper
understanding of the relevant apologetics issues and questions being discussed today.

1st Peter 3:15 “Be ready to give an answer to every man that ask you a reason of
the hope that is in you with meekness and fear."
The word apologetics comes from the Greek word apologia, meaning defense or answer.  
Christian Apologetics is the practice of giving reason that support the Christian
faith and responding to objections raised against it.

This is a structured 1-year training program.  The curriculum has been collected from
the very best apologists and pastors.

Cost for each semester is $50 material and $25 tuition.
Total  Cost: $75

Class Schedule

Semester 1   ( Jan, Feb, Mar )
Michigan School of Apologetics
Defending the Truths of a
Biblical Worldview

Semester 2   (Apr, May, June )
Conversational Apologetics
C.S. Lewis Institute
Feel more comfortable & Confident in sharing your
Faith with others

Semester 3  (Sept. Oct. Nov. )
Cultural Apologetics
A  model for Cultural Engagement
Practical steps for Reestablishing the
Christian Voice