Care groups

The goal of our Life Enrichment and Care Groups is to enrich lives and care for those who are struggling with issues that have left them broken and hurt. We offer a variety of 6-12 week small group sessions. It is our hope that during these sessions you connect with others who have similar needs and together come to rely on God's wisdom toward wellness and healing. The Bible says "God Cares for you, so turn all your worries over to him." I Peter 5:7. We are here to walk alongside you as you make this journey to wholeness and healing.

Grief Share

Our Grief Share Group is designed to help individuals recover from the deep hurt that comes with the loss of someone close. This group includes video testimonials of people who have experienced significant loss, a support structure of people who share similar pain, and the opportunity to work through this on your own in the workbook. This 14 week class starts 2/8/2022 at 7:00pm and is facilitated by Ron & Ilene Atwell.  

Men's Integrity Group

MIG is a group for men who are struggling with a lack of sexual integrity such as porn or sexual promiscuity.  The focus of the group is reclaiming our sexuality the way God intended it to be. Join us for the next 10 weeks as we go through The Conquer Series and learn to live free from porn through the proven strategies and practical tools they teach. Stop trying harder and learn to live free! This 10 week class starts on 2/8/2022 at 7pm.

Her Story

A group for ladies who have been wounded by their husband’s sexual addiction.  Healing from shattered brokenness because of betrayal sometimes seems impossible. Moving toward regaining a sense of purpose and hope can be a long journey . Let’s link arms and walk together. The way out is through. There’s beauty on the other end which draws us to God’s promise of a crown of beauty instead of ashes. (Isaiah 61) This class begins 2/8/2022 at 7pm and is facilitated by Yvonne Berger and Ruth Woryn.

Changes that Heal

Facilitated by Cal and Tami Walker beginning on 2/8/2022
In this five week class, Dr Henry Cloud guides us through the four crucial tasks we need to complete on our way to lasting healing and growth.
1.Connect deeply with others
2.Set healthy boundaries at work, home and church
3.Distinguish between good and bad in ourselves and others
4.Become mature emotionally, spiritually and relationally.